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Information Technology

Value – We save you money and increase efficiency by ensuring your internal infrastructure (web components, systems, software, databases, intranets, networks, computers, email, etc.) function at peak efficiency and integrate smoothly so business operations are fast and efficient.

Information Technology (I.T.) Governance

We provide successful Information Technology (I.T.) governance tactics. Key components of I.T. governance include resource, asset, and project management; risk management; accountability; improved alignment between I.T. and business goals; and measurement of the value created by technology initiatives.

A study of 250 large enterprises conducted by Gartner and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) showed that "...companies with well-designed [I.T.] governance programs have at least 20 percent higher profits than those with poor [I.T.] governance programs, given the same strategic objectives." CFO-IT magazine.

Networks & Computers

Our I.T. Engineers have a wide breadth of training, education, and experience to keep your network and computers functioning optimally. We have certified experts available.

  • Cloud solutions.
  • Microsoft Windows, Linux / Unix, and Lotus Domino/Notes – desktops, servers, and networks.
  • Mobile and wireless – phones, PDAs, desktops, servers, and networks.
  • Prioritized I.T. strategy & tasks.
  • I.T., web, networks – analysis, design, problem definitions, & solutions.
  • Information flow diagramming.
  • Data migration.
  • Green / eco solutions.

Office Integration

Integrating technology into an office environment can be confusing and difficult. Software is constantly changing and trends shift. We will assist you in using technologies to be more productive and therefore, more profitable.

Green / Ecological Technologies and Processes 

Go Green! A good green / eco goal is to minimize the business carbon footprint and minimize greenhouse emissions. This can be done in many creative and simple ways.

We help organizations with green strategies and tactics to create paperless processes and technologies, a green supply chain, environmentally preferred purchasing, and IT eco-efficiency.

Contact us today to make your infrastructure as cost effective and efficient as possible.