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Performance Improvement

Value – Lasting results that keep your organization operating at peak efficiency – the ability find information quickly, apply skills and knowledge on the job effectively, and communicate between all levels of the organization.

We use the term "Performance Technology" to describe human Performance Improvement or human Performance Solutions. This is different than software or technology process improvement.

Performance Technology is a systems approach to solving organizational, group, and/or individual performance problems. Usually one or several variables are involved and need to be addressed:

  • Organization - macro or micro level
  • Processes - work flow, information flow, documentation
  • Job or work responsibilities - performance, training, motivation
  • Technologies - software, hardware, virtual environments

Statements that often indicate a performance problem are:

  • Work quality or speed of workers is not acceptable.
  • Certain departments are not producing the quantity they should.
  • Workers are not applying what they learned in training.
  • How can we quickly get our employees up to speed?
  • How can we decrease our employee turnover rate?
  • Communication between managers and workers is a problem.

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